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There are just 2 specific points on the curve that can be very closely controlled by you------the speed point, or the point that will define the effective speed that is found (in the ZS, it is a short range of 0.9D to .11D at Zone I)------and, the upper density limit that defines your "normal" development target (for me, it's in the range of 1.25D to 1.35D at Zone VIII). IMO, it is somewhat, for lack of a better way of putting it, pointless to be concerned about a specific density between those points----those points that determine the shape of the curve between the two target points, are very much dependent on the film and development combination, just my opinion.
I actually think there is a more important point for many of us, and I believe it can be reliably controlled, the midtone point.

As a matter of course it s really nice when the midtone point we choose in the scene carries through to the mid tone point we want in a print with our enlarger set "normally". This allows easy printing pegged to what is for many of us our most important subject matter.

For many of us as long as our shadows and highlights fall "appropriate to support our subject" and in the film's easily printable range, we're happy.

What I'm saying is that I can shoot and develop to control the density of whatever single point I choose, whatever point works in my system.