Wow. Thanks for all the responses guys. I'm in the US so I hadn't looked into European suppliers. Great news that I can order some internationally. I have mixed feelings about T-Max. When I use it I don't find that I get enough of a difference between similar shades, but I've really liked what I've seen other people do with it. What developer do you all find that it works best with, in terms of contrast? And what can you guys tell me about Acros 100? I started learning using mostly Neopan SS but as I recall it was grainier and the darker shades didn't come out as rich. That was most likely just because I didn't have any experience at the time and was just developing everything in 1:1 D76 using T-Max times I got from an old Kodak darkroom book my dad passed down to me from god knows when, so I've been meaning to give Fuji another try but I just haven't yet. What's Acros like?