The nice thing about being old and senile is that I forgot about how, back in the good ole days of great
color neg films, how yellows always became pumpkin orange, and greens were always poisoned with cyan, and how lots of other things came out looking like the backdrop to the Mars scenes in Total Recall, or otherwise resembled the apocalyptic sludge of a Los Angeles sunrise. At least the skintones
were realistic, but that's about all. Everything else tried to become a skintone! (Hyperbole perhaps, but partially true sensitometrically - those dye curves did overlap a lot). But if one is used to printing those
kinds of film, the much steeper dye spikes of Ektar require a lot more care as one homes in. But when
you land, you really land! And with the reduced availability of E6 films, and no direct positive paper left
on the market, Ektar provides a much needed bridge between the ease of RA4 printing and a relatively clean unmuddified gamut.