Athiril - you need to do your homework before making a rebuttal like that. Simply globally adding to
exposure will improve part of the issue, but potentially introduce another. Under a blue cast it's a particular dye layer which is most affected, which needs to be addressed with the correct color temp
filter (and appropriate filter factor). Lots of pros know this - nothing new here. And contrary to color neg
stereotypes, there is not unlimited range at the top for overexposure. Ektar will blow out the highlights
at a certain point in real world circumstances. And the key to clean hue differentiation throughout the
whole range is to keep to dye spikes from overlapping - which is the risk if you significantly overexpose.
If you like the look of more cross-contaminated colors, fine. That's what traditonal color neg films do,
though with less contrast. Ektar is capable of something different if it's correctly balanced in the first