I agree that when you run into photography ego it can be very bad, but the opposite can be true (if less frequent). I said "hi" to another photog doing street photography with a full digital kit one day. I had my Kiev 4, and he came over smiling and asked if it was one of the new Fujis. When I said no, it's a film camera, he just snorted, turned and walked away without another word. But at almost the same location a couple of weeks later, I found myself reluctant to approach a group of young dancers doing a street performance. Another photographer saw me, came over out of his way, and asked if I was there to shoot them. He then dragged me forward, introduced me to his daughter, who was one of the dancers, and told them that I was going to get in close for some shots. So maybe we just have extreme personalities, both good and bad. I think those of us who are most secure in our own self-image are more likely to treat others with kindness.