I did that once. I was in a rush to develop a few rolls of film as I had a little bit of time. I used to store my exposed but undeveloped rolls in the fridge if I couldn't develop it right away. Took them out only let it warm up for a few minutes on the counter and popped them out to develop. The film had stuck itself to its own emulsion from that bit of condensation. a hassle to peel off and load. So I stopped keeping exposed film in the fridge, and let any films warm up over a good hour of time if they are from the freezer.

Also today I was outside for a bit shooting and it was very windy and a little chilly at about 40F. Finished a roll of Panatomic X, rewound it, and I usually leave a bit of leader out( if I'm going to reload a non reloadable cassette without destroying it with a bottle opener it gives me one or two more uses) and I like to bend the leader back to make a hard crease so I know it's been exposed. Right when I bent it, it snapped and split apart clean. It tested it again on the broken off piece and it happened again. Had to be the cold making it brittle.

Temp swings affect film simple as that.