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Funny how based on everything Mark (albada) has been doing in his research/development of an XTOL clone over the past several months one could simply conclude XTOL is a relatively finicky, non-robust formula for a general purpose developer (despite excellent image characteristics).
My goal with the concentrate is to eliminate the "I hopes". As in, "I hope this XTOL is still good, because it's 7 months old." Or, "I hope it's okay because I used Protectan but did I use enough to drive out all oxygen." The concentrate changes colour as it deteriorates, so you know and don't have to say "I hope". Finally, "I hope these bits of precipitate don't put spots on my negs." Sal mentioned that last issue, and I get that precipitate in every batch of XTOL. I'm surprised Kodak allowed a product to ship that does that.

I like Sal and Bruce's idea of storing in a bunch of little one-shot-sized bottles. Eliminates the air-issue altogether.

Newt_on_swings: Why don't you sell Dust-Off as "XTOL Supercharger"? Nothing like turning a problem into a feature and making money on it!

Mark Overton