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My encounters with other photographers has been mostly positive. Even when they are shooting digital, I've always been respectful of their choice- usually they'll say that just don't want the hassle of film any more . Most times they begin with that's a REALLY BIG camera you got there (RB-67) and we'll have a nice little discussion about their camera and the days when they used film. and if they ask why I'm carrying the dinosaur I tell them I love the big slides I get out of it. One time they even took a picture of me with the camera. Even when they don't talk, I've had people look at me with the camera and nod their head and smile. You should see when I use the Stereo Realist.
If I ever got a negative attitude out of anyone--screw them-- I'm out for MY enjoyment-- not their approval,and my slide will be around a LOT longer than his stuff anyway

But when you talk about the photo stores, you are dead on. There's an atmosphere of why are you still using this crap--get with digital so we don't have to carry this perishable film and chemicals that cost a fortune to ship. When I started maybe 5 years ago everyone had the film stored in refrigerators, now it gets treated like packs of cigarettes laying on the shelves (all except one NY store) And forget about chemistry --if they don't have it they say it's not available to order it for you(which is why I stated making my own stuff)

Oh, don't start this old pagan on photo stores lecturing me as to why I am "still using film". The local store near me has sold out to digital hook, line and sinker: nothing for analogue at all, nor will anything be ordered in if it is for film photography; chemicals on the shelf are out of date, boxes of Ilford film are dusty and dirty. Only the display cases are cleaned daily because, "nobody uses film anymore, only you!".