Dear NB23

As always, whatever works for you is cool ( excuse the pun ) with me.

In relation to 'advice' from manufacturers, it is actually our duty to our customers, those with perhaps less experience than 99% of APUGGERS that this site is for and may need some extra help and guidance in the best use of our products ( and I'm 100% sure its the same with KODAK and FUJI ) and other proven forms of good photo 'practice'.

We have tested and continue to test all kinds of parameters to ensure that customers who use our ILFORD brand of products and spend their hard earned money on get what they need and expect and of course, don't they deserve this? Our benefit is very simple, customers will use our products again, know that we value our customers and will value our brand and know that they have a resource to access to ensure that on-going 'satisfaction'.

If you think thats BS, that's absolutely your opinion and your right to hold it and share it and in this we shall agree to differ...

I also do not know if you are actually saying that you can get a cassette of film from -18 to 20 degrees in 15 seconds? I am pretty sure your not, because you certainly cannot even if you have the highest body temperature known to man !.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :