That's it! (God I keep spelling it Angus, not Angas.) It's a pretty nice building, it has a big THE MILL sign up in the windows now. The upstairs workshop space of the complex is the best part, lovely big old industrial windows spewing light all over the place. We'll be using it to run our workshops. Our last location didn't have any windows so we shot wet plate with a bunch of halogen lamps for the UV, but window light will help a bunch.

Thank you for the offer Dr Croubie! I'll let you know if we need a hand, we're just in the starting stages of assembly right now and we should have a better idea of the scale of it after the next few days. The one day film developing workshop doesn't cover printing as we find most people intend to scan rather than convert their laundry to a darkroom (something we of course try to encourage, but it's not for everyone), but if you come in for a day's printing I'd be happy to give you a one on one refresher on things. It'll all come back you after half an hour.