You're making it sound worse than it is, maybe by taking Drew's obvious (to me) humorous exaggeration literally. One doesn't have to be all that clever to be successful with Ektar but probably can't treat it like Portra (depending on how you've been exposing Portra.) I tend to agree with Athril that a bit more exposure is the easiest way to excellent results (and perhaps the processing - mine has all been done by Dwayne's with no apparent issues.)

I will concede Drew's point that it will blow out highlights "at some point" of overexposure but that point must be pretty high because so far I've not hit it.

I tend to expose all C41 generously but not ridiculously so (meter at box speed but expose for shadow detail, in B&W terms I put shadows where I want detail on zone V not the B&W III or IV) and send it to Dwayne's. I'm quite pleased with the results but maybe I'm just not discriminating enough.