Collodion Chloride Emulsion Workshop in May
We have a few spaces left in our Collodion Chloride emulsion workshop in May at George Eastman House.

This is the absolutely easiest emulsion there is to make and the results are extraordinary. The finished product is a sophisticated printing paper of the printing out variety, very much like the old Centennial POP made by Chicago Albumen Works several years ago. The only difference is that unlike gelatin based prints, collodion prints never fade. You can use film, digital or glass negatives for the printing and the paper can be toned with either gold [cool brown to purple brown] or platinum [more neutral]. The workshop includes hands-on instruction, an illustrated lecture on the history and chemistry, a chance to view original examples in the George Eastman House collection and a manual with formulas and full instructions. The attached image is a collodion chloride print made from a wet collodion glass negative.

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