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Yeah, converting the laundry or bathroom is kind of out of the question (for a start, they've both got skylights, which we like). I've always had my films done by B+W in Stepney and then scanned, but just recently decided to start developing my own rolls (haven't started yet or even bought any chemicals or a tank, still researching, leaning towards xtol to start with). Come to think of it, maybe that $75 jobby might be a good idea anyway.
(Aside, where do you buy chemicals around here? B+H have xtol for $10+30, Vanbar in melbourne have it for $15, I don't think Hutt St have it. If I could buy some mixed up occasionally, might save some hassles).

I'm sort of remembering my darkroom days at school, only ever B+W. Load, frame, focus, choose a contrast filter, test-strip, dev bath, stop bath, fix bath, repeat. or something like that.
Woah, sounds like you're yet ANOTHER Adelaidean; must be something in the water. Join us (me, hoffy, some old farts and sometimes Alex when he's not busy) for monthly pub nights! Mailing List Here.

As to chemistry, I buy from L&P ("Total Photo") in Kent Town. $15ish for Xtol (I priced them as being slightly cheaper than B&H once you pay shipping, even in large quantities) and $55/5L for fixer. I have an unused bag of D76 if you want that on the cheap.