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I heard a lot of positive reviews for Custom Bellows in the UK, but the 6-8 week wait is not going to cut for an upcoming trip. Does anyone have any experience with the (cheaper) bellows found on eBay? They seem okay from the ad photos. I know, you get what you pay for. But, if it's light-tight for a year or two, I'm perfectly fine with that. I need a new bellows for a Technikardan 45s. Any thoughts? Are there other alternatives?
It's a crapshoot. Literally. You might get an excellent set of bellows, and you might get junk, and you might get something in-between. The only direct experience I have is installing an epay bellows on a Technika belonging to a friend; the replacement was about 14" in length, which is 2+ inches too short, yet they were so thick that the camera wouldn't close with them installed.