Well, in spite of all the horror stories I have been pleased to find some very good camera stores that still serve the needs of film photographers. I spent the last 6 months living in Colorado Springs; not exactly an "artsy" town to say the least. And yet there are two very good shops that carry a decent selection of film, are happy to take my film for development, and sell lots of darkroom supplies and chemicals. And then I recently visited a place in North Hollywood that was an absolute dream! I'm not mentioning names here because I don't want to be mistaken for someone trying to get cheap advertising. But the place in North Hollywood had a huge selection of chemicals, lots of film and a very nice photo exhibit on display. I left a nice chunk of money in their cash register but came home very happy! A couple years ago I also found two very nice stores that carry film and film cameras as well as chemicals in Houston! So far, pretty much everywhere I've looked in the U.S. I've found decent stores.

Normally I live in Tokyo and this place is just plain hard to beat. Every type of photography is fully covered here!