It certainly isn't junk, but probably nothing real special, either - a Ford, not a Lincoln. There's no real telling about the collector's market, but it might be worth $100-200 as a camera to shoot. Despite the fact that the shutter appears to work, it is probably pretty inaccurate, due to lack of use. It would need a Clean, Lube and Adjustment (CLA) service which costs around $100 to really make it sing. The Meritar is a very good lens and would take beautiful, high-quality pictures in skilled hands. The 6x9 format is a huge negative with level of detail no digital camera currently on the market can match, no matter the price. This type of camera is a challenge to use well and there are many people on this site who would love to try it out, just for the sheer fun of it. I happen to be drooling all over my keyboard, but am not in the market right now.