I belong to a photography group (it's not a club!) made up primarily of people who have been avid photographers, teacher, professionals, artists, etc., for many years. There are those with the latest, most expensive gear who love their gear, there are those that love the latest software, and there are those of us who continue to use cameras older than we are. Ego clashes are few because everyone learns from everyone else, and it became apparent to me long ago that one's ability to photograph has nothing to do with the gear in hand. That's not to say we don't tease each other about things, but it's good-natured.

Photographers with big egos are plenty abundant, though. I think it's often a protective mechanism. They've earned a big account or job, or landed a big gallery show, and they'll do anything to protect their client and status. If they have to constantly impress art directors and ad agencies, they'll do what it takes. There are just as many out there who are plain, friendly folks.