Don't overlook the importance of a big board. Size matters.
If you haven't noticed it; ULF collodion/wet plate photography is gaining momentum.
A lot of cameras have undersize boards, limiting the choice of fast lenses needed for photography using slow emulsions.

A new Meniscus lens using 150mm diameter optics is about to enter production.
This lens should make the collodion/wet plate folks happy.
Head & shoulder portraits on 20x24 wet plate: (without flash, just think of it...).
16x20 and larger paper negatives for everyone will be easy.
"Big Screen" mobile and portable camera obscuras, oooh...

If you're buying a new camera for collodion/wet plate, be certain to specify a 200mm/8' board.
If you're making your own camera, build it with a 200mm/8" board.
If you're making a camera obscura, make it with a 200mm/8" board.
If you can handle it, make the board 250mm/10" like the big fellows.
Cameras centered around smaller boards (Sinar, for example) will not qualify.

Just a "heads up".