OK so I did low-light shooting indoors and I pushe tri-x in 120 2 stops (ISO 400 to ISO 1600). The lighting was flat so blowing highlights in't an issue and since this is 120 film, grain is less of an issuel.

I usually just use d76. I've used Rodinal in the past, but I think D76 gives me more speed (which is probably consistent with most people's observations). I've used xtol in the past (but not for pushing) and didn't like the grain, but this was for 35mm film so that experience is less relevant. So I'm thinking of batching up some xtol, microphen, or just sticking with d76. Any thoughts and opinions on the differences in speed, grain, and tonality? I fear that diafine, which I believe gives 1250 or so speed is going to be too flat.