I've found folks in my area that just love seeing the old film cameras. Even many of the digital shooters express interest. I got questioned by a Polizei, who looked into my camera and expressed some joy at having seen how photography used to be.

We also have the "I'm a pro photographer..." types with their fancy Nikons and so on who think film is so tacky. Many even ask is my cameras can shoot color. Really, you're a "pro," and you have to ask that? What makes them so funny is that they're often striving to copy every other "pro's" style and Facebook stuff, so you end up with the real pros profiting from the fauxs, and exposing their weaknesses almost every time.

As for me, I'm just happy to get out make my images, and even happier when they come out exactly as I'd envisioned. I enjoy the conversations my camera inspires and there are plenty of folks whose curiosity makes for some nice ones. The rest just get filed away with the paper backing.