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You push Tri-X to 1600 and develop for only 1.5 hours?

I arrived at 2:45 after starting at 2:15 and finding that to be not enough development.

Wondering what other variables are different. I'm developing at 20 degrees C ... using tap water. 1: 100 ratio.

Also, results I've seen from Diafine with Tri-X at 1600 are outstanding. Great shadow detail.

You've already done more testing than I have, so there's that. I've gotten good results following the methods in the link I included though. He does 2 hrs for a 4 stop push. I guesstimated 1.5 for 1600 and got good results. One variable I see is that he recommends gently swirling the developer every 1/2 hour for fifteen seconds.