consider a mix from scratch rehalogenating bleach so that all residual silver is removed in the subsequent fix step.

C-22 while not as environmentally friendly, in small quanities works well.

80g of pottasium ferricyanide and 20g of potassium bromide per litre.

2.5' at 38C 30' agitiation used to do fine for me.

I replenished 45mL per 80 sq in, and when 1l of replenisher used, would HHW dispose of the resulting 2L of worked and overflow. I may have been able to stretch it longer, but why risk it.

Once my find of 10L of e-6 bleach concentrate, found for free at the reuse shelf on one trip to the HHW drop off depot, runs out, I will be back to c-22 bleach for my c-41 and e-6 work.