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We're actually pretty lucky to have a lot of suppliers available here in Adelaide, we listed the ones we could think of here:

I'd go to Total Photographics in Kent Town, they have just about everything. Tanks, all the chemistry, fridge full of film, the whole lot. Xtol is a tricky one, I haven't seen it on shelves for about a year now, but it's my favorite too.
Wow, you guys have thought of everything. Just checked out the L&P website, it's certainly not the best-written website, hardly any products and no prices (i'm a bit of a snob with online shops), looks like the kind of place I'd have to visit to appreciate, maybe on day after work or a weekend.

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Woah, sounds like you're yet ANOTHER Adelaidean; must be something in the water. Join us (me, hoffy, some old farts and sometimes Alex when he's not busy) for monthly pub nights! Mailing List Here.
Yeah, i've been almost everywhere and yet somehow manage to keep landing back here. It IS the water. It's just not chewy enough overseas. I'll see about coming to one of those meetups one of these days.

Speaking of which, is anyone doing anything for World Pinhole Day? I've got some Skink kits for EF and l39, and with an adapter I can mount them on my P6/K60/K88 and Mamiya (and I've got proper sized holes for all 3 flange lengths). I'll probably be wandering around the city or elsewhere using up some of the many many rolls of expired-in-1991-Velvia-120 that seem to breed in my freezer, and/or some of the why-did-i-buy-30-rolls-of-135-Superia-800? Would be nice to shoot some 4x5s or something, maybe I'll go find an old shoebox and re-live Year 8 tech class...