Hello everyone.

After purchasing a LPL 4550 XLG head from U.S and column & baseboard from China I have slowly built my darkroom, now I have ordered a devere 504 and an ilford 500h head and they are on the way. It will be my primary system since I'm more familiar with it.

As the 4550 manual really didn't say anything about footswitch and timer, I'm writing to ask for some help in using the 4550 system.

In the back of the LPL 4550 XLG 120v transformer, there's a female plug, and a male plug, both marked "timer". Now I have ordered an analyser pro 120v version and it's still on the way. But I really want to see the 4550 working and see if I can master the "pedal + metronome" way of printing. I have found a Fujimoto 125v 3A footswitch, can I plug it directly into the female plug in the transformer, and use it as a mains switch? Can I then begin the "pedal + metronome" printing procedures without breaking anything?

Another tiny problem I found with my 4550 XLG is that the feet on the baseboard aren't even; the enforced steel doesn't touch the table either. Should I have someone adjust it?