There was an article by a photographer many years ago who bemoaned the fact that Pentax were dropping their Spotmatic range. She had become so in tune with her 'Spots that she could tell what shutter speed and aperture they were set at by the feel of the dials and without taking the camera from her eye. That intuitiveness was a product of the cameras of the era. Most people didn't familiarise themselves with their equipment to the same degree, which lead to AF, matrix metering, sub-menus and the rest of the tricks that made cameras more user friendly to the masses, but encourages less intimacy compared to those willing to put in the time on a manual camera.

In this 'post-film', GAS-rich time the chance of building the same relationship with one piece of equipment is less. The compromise I favour are manual focus, lightweight bodied SLR cameras with modern battery systems, late 70s/early 80s stuff fits the bill.