I started printing some Ektar negs last nite taken under deep blue high-altitude shadow conditions, a frosty meadow just after dawn. If I had simply overexposed the film, I would have gotten the scene, but all the deep area would have had a general blue case. Of course, the scene was relatively blue, but by exposing at 100 and using the correct filter, I not only got the realistic overall effect, but very cleanly differentiated nuances of green foliage, cyansish evergreens, yellow-greens etc. This degree of quality in the reproduction would have been impossible with just a generic exposure adjustment. Of course, if you're going to wing it, it's better to SLIGHTLY overexpose Ektar rather than underexpose it, but you won't get the same result. And post-correcting the shot will merely adjust the overall balance in part of the curve at best, and not recover all those subtle nuances that this film is actually capable of.