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The general consesus seems to be ... HC-110 ... how will fare with faster films (Delta 3200) and with push processing, considering the slower speed it'll give you ... [what about] "Studional"/R09 Special?
Rodinal and its variants are a poor choice for push processing and for maintaining deep shadow detail. The developer shines for medium format work with a slight speed derating. The grain can be a bit much for 35mm. Though I am sure there are those who swear by it for 35mm Tri-X pushed 3 stops: it depends on what look you are after.

HC110 is probably the best choice if you insist on a long-lived liquid concentrate.

If you are willing to live with a bit of inconvenience then do-it-yourself D-76 will be superior. It keeps well in a glass bottle for 6 months, 3 months in Nalgene. You can mix up a pint, put it in 8 2-ounce bottles and do 8 rolls of 35mm 1-shot using it 1:3. For extra life, keep the bottles in the 'fridge. The raw chemicals that go into making D-76 will probably outlive you.