Cybertrash, you will have to test HC-110 with fast films and see for yourself. But before you worry about its speed, please re-read Gerald's post in connection with the Kodak chart and note the word "slightly". The Kodak chart does not have any sort of scale on those sliding diamonds, so the tendency might be for people to assume HC-110 gives way less speed than XTOL. In practice, the differences in speed are quite small when it comes to general purpose solvent developers. It also depends on the film.

Another thing to consider, specifically concerning pushing, is that generally speaking the speed differences observed between general purpose PQ/MQ solvent developers under normal development conditions are minimized once you get into pushing territory. The key to pushing is contrast control since you are overdeveloping.

As a few people have mentioned Ilford's DDX is an excellent developer. In the shadow detail/speed category it would be most comparable to XTOL and TMax on the Kodak chart. Graininess would be similar to D-76 on the Kodak chart, and sharpness comparable to HC-110/TMax on the Kodak chart. It is a flexible, easy to use, and extremely consistent developer. It won't last as long as HC-110. A more comparable long-lasting formula is Ilford's Ilfotec HC - which is indicated by Ilford to be an approximate equivalent to HC-110. You can view Ilford's suggested equivalents here:

The following link (page 3) contains some descriptions and a small chart analogous to Kodak's chart in terms of rough working characteristics, and also includes shelf life.