As part of an ongoing two-year project photographing life on Vancouver Island, I will be shooting the 150th Highland Games in May, in Victoria. Most of the activity is scheduled during daylight hours on the 18th and 19th of May; however, a torchlight ceremony is to be held the night before the games commence (Friday the 17th, beginning at 8pm, and lasting until?). As per usual, I will be shooting in both black and white and colour. For the former, I will be shooting HP5/Tri-X and Delta 3200 (HP5/Tri-X during daylight hours, Delta 3200 when the light begins to fade), but for the latter I am still undecided. Daylight colour will be E100G/E100VS in a 90/10 ratio; for the late-in-the-day/evening work I am debating between pushing Provia 400X to 1600 (this was a recommendation, I have never shot the film before) or using Portra 800, pushed one stop. Which is likely to give better results (i.e. a balance between better neutrals/less grain/better sharpness)?