Hello everyone, first post.

I got a Yashica Electro 35 GT a while back and while adjusting the infinity setting on the rangefinder recently, I managed to muck up the rangefinder. Looking through the viewfinder, all I can see is a bright rangefinder patch, but it doesn't do anything (move, or form that rangefinder double image) when I focus). From what I can tell I knocked out one of the optical components. I included images below to show which component it is (circled red), as well as what my camera looks like.


And mine..

Does anyone know whether replacements are available and where I might be able to get one? It's possible that the piece is still in my camera somewhere, rattling around, but I don't want to risk taking the whole thing apart just to cause more damage or not be able to reassemble it (although I know its something I might have to do).

Thank you!