Rowi UKV model No. 960 Universal Combination Stand, 1950's Erector Set of Photography
Vintage Rowi, German camera copy stand, table-top tripod, ball head, universal camera support system.
Strong enough to easily support a Hasselblad.

This impeccably constructed Rowi UKV model No. 960 Universal Combination Stand has 13 fully adjustable components which combine to create a wide variety of support structures for your camera and accessories.
Compact, light, and functional, the components work for odd and low angles, uneven terrain, and includes a tree trunk screw and clamp for surfaces up to three inches thick.

Comes with original box, circa 1950's.

Both the box and components are complete and undamaged.
All fittings are superbly crafted and work very smoothly with no stripped threads.
A beautiful example of Rowi's simple and superb vintage German design.
Hasselblad not included.

$75 + $10 shipping