Yeah, the web is basically for business use or general crude visual information. But maybe it's time for
the smart alecs to get off their butt and start looking at some real work, or start learning to print color themselves. Certain laws of physics and color theory just can't be cancelled out with the click of a button. One doesn't need a phD to figure any of this out. It's basically being delivered to their doorstep. It's what cinematographers are expected to know, it's what Kodak Color Guides told you for
decades, it's what every decent studio pro did. Now presto - nobody needs to even screw a filter on a
lens, yet expects miracles from the film. But even if they got a miracle they wouldn't recognize it because everything looks like mush nowadays, that is, if the web is the standard of communication.
Well, that's perfectly fine for a lot of people. But why would such persons even want to tinker with
Ektar to begin with? They go out an purchase a thousand buck lens then don't bother to understand the
film that goes behind it. It's like purchasing a Ferrari and refusing to put gas in the tank. No wonder
someone can move faster on a skateboard and call the engineers a bunch of idiots.