Hi - I made 1L of Liquidol (which I mix stronger than recommended 143 Liquidol to 857ml water), then I added 30ml of a 1% sol of BZT and 2grams of potassium bromide.

I did not try to print w/o the BZT and Potassium Bromide so I am not sure if it would have worked out as well w/o both.

This thread inspired me to do "the double duty" (BZT and Potassium Bromide). The BZT alone didn't do as well as when I added in the Potassium Bromide.


As I sit here and type, I've a Ektalure print that I did in BZT/potassium bromide in the wash after taking a 1min 20 sec bath in gold toner (T-26). Gosh does it pop! Will post a pic tomorrow or so after it drys.

Thomas, you are an old pro at Ektalure, does it work well with only potassium bromide or do you need the double duty of BZT and Potassium Bromide when the paper shows signs of fog? Thanks for the comments T.