Modern C41/RA4 is not that of yesterday. Most of the fading reputation actually comes, I think, from earlier EP2. My high school graduation photo from 1981, for example, is badly faded and looks like someone splattered it with light red/magenta dots. I scanned it and restored it tremendously with just a few clicks (far from a professional job but family is pleased) and printed an inkjet from it. My parents have the inkjet print hanging in the living room - basic consumer inkjet from an old Epson 640 at that. Modern materials certainly don't fade like that, though I don't know if they yet compare to Ciba.

I too am glad Koda/Cibachrome are not the only color left. I'd rather have what we have than that - but I'd love to have that combo again, or just Astia and Ciba. Ok, my moment for sighing has passed, I gladly move on from the wistful look back now.