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How does one acquire sufficient experience in order to start mixing developers oneself?
I started doing this 1.5 years ago. For me, "The Film Developing Cookbook" was a great introduction to the chemicals and formulas involved. I bought labware (beakers and such) from FreestylePhoto.biz and both labware and chemicals from Photographer's Formulary. I bought a cheap electronic scale (.01 g resolution) from Amazon. And I read many postings on apug.

Since then, I've made a few discoveries of my own and am in the final stages of testing a long-lasting concentrate that I've designed. You can monitor its progress in the "Progress on XTOL-Concentrate" thread. But my point is this: It only takes a small purchase and little knowledge to be competent at mixing your own developers. You only need to weigh a few chemicals and mix them in water. Easy.

Mark Overton