Some items from my personal camera-side checklist:

(01) 8x10 camera
(02) Heavy duty tripod with proper head
(03) Film holders (with spare boxes for on-site storage after reloading)
(04) Lenses on lensboards (with lens caps!)
(05) Homemade viewfinder to be used before unpacking camera
(06) Meter(s)
(07) Compendium lens shade
(08) Filters/holder
(09) Cable release(s)
(10) 4x5 and/or 5x7 reduction backs (optional)
(11) Roll film back (optional)
(12) Dark cloth
(13) Ground glass magnifier, loupe, or hi-mag glasses
(14) Ground glass cover/protector
(15) Toolkit/micro screwdrivers
(16) Small torpedo bubble level (to confirm verticals/horizontals)
(17) Vacuum/dust brush for loading film holders
(18) Opaque black photo tape (for bellows leaks, etc.)
(19) Small flashlight (to check for those leaks)
(20) Dust-Off canned air
(21) Lens cleaner/brush
(22) Changing bag (for emergencies)
(23) Notebook or digital voice recorder for notes
(24) On-site lodging with windowless bathroom for film loading
(25) Harrison dark tent for bathrooms with windows
(26) Cases for all of the above equipment
(27) Robust dolly for all of the equipment cases

And mostly...

(28) The patience to slow down and enjoy a different approach to photography that most photographers will do anything in their power to avoid.