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Belfoca - The Camera Site

Have a look at this site. It more or less describes your camera exactly and give a lot of the background you are asking for.

The meritar lens was used ona number of East German manufactured cameras, notably the Exacta and Practica/Practina models and was shall we say of dubious performance when used with 35mm, however the 6x9 format is different matter and it will be quite respectable. As the previous answer says 120 film is still readily available and this gem should be used.

As it states 'Fixed Focus' this means it may not prove to be used at any distance less than say 10-12 feet with the lens wide open, however if it is closed down to F8 or F11 then it will be able to be used from about 8 feet. If yours is as good as the one in the link it really is very nice. Move the cursor over the 1st image and it flicks over to another view of the camera from the rear.

Incidentally this link also provides further links to a VAST range of other cameras some very obscure and an insight into some from the old USSR and gives a brief description of them all.
Yeah, I saw that site. And that's part of my confusion. The camera shown there is like every other Belfoca out there. It has two sliding covers over red lenses on the back. (still not sure what these are called). Mine only has one. Plus, if you notice, the Belfoca pictured on the site you mentioned has a shutter release button that looks completely different from the one I have. Mine looks just like the one in the picture I posted. Confused yet?