So as far as the film... Yeah. Wasn't thinking about that. I opened her up and exposed the film without thinking so no hope of saving any photos there. Oh well. But I finally decided to get some pictures of my own to show you what I'm talking about.

Oh, and for the record, I'm in Boise, ID.

Belfoca1.jpg Here she is.
Belfoca3.jpg Very nice shape.
Belfoca4.jpg Lens/shutter.
Belfoca5.jpg The front of the Instruction booklet. Check out the BELFOCA 6x9 cm label stuck on it.
Belfoca8.jpg Leather case. No markings. I doubt it is specific to the Belfoca.
Belfoca9.jpg Now check out the back. Doesn't look like any other Belfoca, does it? Same with the shutter release.
Belfoca10.jpg Seriously, look at the condition of this thing. It's like brand new.