There really aren't many 5x7 shooters so demand for 5x7 film must be fairly low. Especially for the Kodak stuff that is twice the price of Ilford. But it does have some properties that you can't get in the Ilford films, as good as they are.

I am hoping the price comes in closer to the TXP price of $147 per box, but even that's much more than Ilford. I am surprised Kodak can make TXP a stocked size, but not TMY.

There're plenty of things that the computer can't and won't ever be able to do. I suspect gardening is one of them (I hear the FarmVille food wasnt very filling). But the web will make sharing information about the process much easier. And my iPhone did nothing to chop firewood, but it does help me find a local guy to deliver it already chopped, or. He best wedge to get through the stringy elm I have falling every year.