I wonder whether Fujifilm could be convinced to do a special run of 120 for Neopan 400. Of course, only they know what it would cost and whether it would be worth while. I have actually stopped using Neopan 400 in 35 mm because the 120 doesn't exist. For me it is just easier to standardise on something that is available in both formats. Although it is a very nice film (I still have around 7 or 8 rolls 135 lying around), the alternatives are not particularly bad themselves. Ultimately, there is little I can't get done between HP5+, TriX and TMY400. If the Kodak goes away, I'll try Delta 400. Japanese company culture is somewhat obscure to me, but it seems rather difficult to communicate as customer to those that make decisions. Their companies have more layers than do onions or ogres. The European companies are smaller and far flatter in structure, so communication is fast and effective. While film in the 80's and 90's might have benefitted from the hierarchical system, I think it is now at a point where the future of film lies in the hands of smaller entities that can respond to their user base efficiently.