Hi. my name is Grant, Im 28 and addicted to modding polaroids.

I can thank the FPP for introducing me to polaroids and my ingenuity for creating into an obsession.

I have like 4 land cameras, a few 100s and 250 and my fav, the 360.
I picked up the 360 from goodwill web auction because...well, ive got gas obviously.

No really, i wanted a polaroid i could throw a multi flash setup with without having to worry about bulb delay that is built into the other ones making electronic flash annoying.
I ended up doing:
dual AAA conversion, one for timer, one for camera.
Pulling out the flash circuit that turns on once the PC plug is inserted, and then tells the shutter to compensate
Inserted all new wiring soldered and heat shrunk, to a push button which takes the place of that PC board, and when you push the button it tells the magic eye to compensate for flash and BAM it works like a champ.

Ive tested it back home (im working in saudi arabia right now and it just arrived through mail!) with a 580ex at 1/2 power being good for around 7 ft for a decently exposed image.

IMG_4152 by Flsimages, on Flickr

IMG_4154 by Flsimages, on Flickr
forgot to heat shrink the switch, but its ok, i have to replace the switch anyways, the wire broke off shortly after taking this photo.

IMG_4155 by Flsimages, on Flickr

needless to say, it is super fun.

Anyone else done cool stuff with their polaroid?