I have a zone 6 8x10 and I am a bare essentials guy (who started shooting 8x10 in the 1970s)

Tripod. In the studio I use a very large Bogen with geared column but going out doors I use a much smaller Gitzo but still a heavy duty Bogen head.
Lens. Start with one and get used to it. Get another when you get frustrated with the first one.
Shutter release cable.
Loupe. I like 4x the best.
Dark cloth. Large.
Film in holders..... in package that keeps them clean.
Lens shade maybe but you can always use the dark slide to shade the lens.
Hat... like a baseball cap with a brim. The dark cloth messes up your hair anyway.
If you find yourself stretching out the bellow you will need some thing to sit on the camera bed under the bellows to prop them up. I use an empty duct tape roll.