I purchase a Beseler Stand from someone closing down their darkroom. I am offered the following paper for $ however, I don't want it if its no good. I am not able to set up a darkroom to test it although maybe could do some limited testing. Anyway, I listed below what is offered.

Any comment of what is likely to be good vs, not, assuming no exposure thru improper handling? He had it in paper safes & removed it to go back in the original packages when he sold the paper safes. He would of known to use a safe light. Dates, if shown, from retailers label or mfg. date code?

1. Multigrade III RC Perle 1/22/99
2. Ilforbrom 1 DW Glossy 19A-802
3. Ilforbrom 2 DW Glossy 17B-804
4. Ilforbrom 2 DW Glossy Galerie Fiberbase 24A173
5. Multigrade RC Cooltone Pearl 3/11/03
6. Multigrade IV Fiber DW Glossy 18C703
7. Multigrade IV Fiber DW Glossy 30A701
8. MGIV Multigrade FB Glossy
9. Kodak Polycontrast Rapid II RC Glossy

Most of packages open, not sure how much is in them, if its worth testing (how without enlarger & neg.?), can then figure out approximate quantity.

Any advise or comments appreciated. Thank you.