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The most important equipment is a good back and good knees. Stay in shape. But routinely carrying 8x10 gear will accomplish that!
Amen, Drew! I have a bad back (it's actually fused together) but my knees are good.

I own a lightweight Wehman but with my tripod and lenses, film holders, etc. it all gets too heavy for me so I carry the Ries J100 and pull the camera kit behind me in a wheeled cordura tool bag. I just bought a Gordy's strap for the Ries so I'll soon see how that works.

Some people use a baby stroller to wheel around their 8x10 cameras.

Yeah, I would probably be better off always carrying around my Tachihara 4x5 which I use for color film but I love the big 8x10 and it keeps me going so I'll use it as long as I can.