As one who shoots digital and analog, I have come to the point that if you think your equipment, process, or media makes you superior, then why do you really need to trip the shutter at all?

Dry plate isn't wet plate, sheet film isn't dry plate, medium format is not large format, roll film is not sheet film, 35mm is not medium format, 110 is not 35mm, full frame digital is not film, APS-C is not full frame.


I have 4x5, medium format (sheet and roll film), Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollei, Contax, Canon, Aires, Graflex, Bush, Pentax, Mercury, Yashica, Lytro, and more...

Not a one of them makes me any better of a photographer. Some make it easier to do certain things. I love them for their strengths, and try to work around their weaknesses. Each has a place and a time. But absolutely none of them makes me any better.

If I'm carrying one of the Hasselbads, and I see you with a 110, I'll not feel better than you. Most likely I'll enjoy taking a look at it and talking shop. If anything I may ask you to take a shot or two with my camera. Why? I get to see a little bit of how you see the world. Isn't that why we look at each others images in the first place?

And if I'm really lucky, you will let me take a shot two with yours. (Try that with a penis.. :wink: )
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