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There are a few "open-source" options, e.g. PC-TEA, but only if you know what you are doing when working with chemicals, and can source the raw materials.
...but if you want something with which to get your feet wet---not literally, of course---it's hard to do better than PC-TEA/PC-Glycol. Nothing in them is extremely toxic or extremely difficult to find, though I'm not sure what the European sources for chemicals are; but if you can source photo chemicals at all you certainly can get phenidone, and TEA and propylene glycol are both common chemicals with a variety of uses.

I ended up switching from HC-110 to PC-TEA for most uses. I'm not sure whether that was because of real objective differences in the results, or a matter of convincing myself that the results looked better because I enjoy mixing my own developer. PC-TEA at 1+50 is very similar in characteristics to Xtol 1+2.