I missed this thread when it was originally started and I just finished wading through the lengthy postings. But some things generated questions in my mind.

1. It was said that a pyro negative would have a greater effect on VC paper. It was also stated that a pyro negative would be printed on a Grade #2 or VC #3 papers. Isn’t this backwards? If it has a greater effect on VC paper, then wouldn’t the VC paper be exposed at a lower contrast setting than a single-grade paper? If my question has no basis, then the comments relate to a local-contrast effect and not overall-contrast.

2. I couldn’t find it but I believe one of the commenters stated in another thread that he was having trouble getting sufficiently dark skies when using pyro developers even when using a red filter. Because of this situation, he was giving up on the pyro and going back to a more conventional developer. Has this position changed? I have also seen this effect and I will keep Xtol for shots involving a heavily filtered sky.

3. If one wanted to reprint some older pyro negatives using unsharp masking, would there be any issues that would present problems? I could see some with the stain color on panchromatic masking film. Unfortunately, I haven’t done this so can’t provide any input.