A couple weeks ago, I bought a Mamiya 6. After shooting with it all this time, I've decided the Mamiya 6 is a much better fit for the work I do than the Hasselblad. I want to sell my Hasselblad stuff and use the money to get the other two Mamiya 6 lenses, and a second body.

I have everything you need to shoot Hasselblad!

-503cx body with new-style A12 back with built-in darkslide holder and matching insert, new-style waistlevel, and acute-matte split-image/microprism screen.

-80mm CF-Planar with caps and hood

-50mm CF-FLE Distagon with caps and hood. This is the very sharp floating element version!

-150mm CF-Sonnar with caps and hood.

-Vivitar 2X Teleconverter with caps.

-Extension tubes, 21mm and 55mm with front and rear caps for both. These are the older style with scalloped grip rings.

-Kiev copy of the NC2 prism, the non-metered 45 degree prism.

All of this gear is in perfect mechanical condition, all works flawlessly. It has all been used but not abused, so it is NOT in mint or collectible condition, but is also not beat up. The only 'bad thing' is that there is a long scratch in the coating of the rear element of the 150mm lens. I've used it for years with no impact on image quality. The price of it reflects that. There is no fungus or scratches on the glass on any of the lenses, except the aforementioned scratch on the 150. All the lenses have original Hasselblad hoods.

KEH wants about $2400 for all of this in the condition it is in. If you buy all of it, You can have it for $2100 with free shipping in the USA, $30 shipping outside the US. I want to see if anyone will take it all before breaking it up.

If you've ever wanted to shoot Hasselblad, this is a good change to get a full set that works flawlessly. You've seen the work I've been doing with it over the years!

I'll also donate $75 to APUG if it all sells together. Thanks,