I've not really traveled in photography circles; basically just take snapshots and pick stuff up from camera stores.
To me, it seems the egos have dropped a bit in the consumer area since the digital camera phase gave way to the smart phone phase. The latest camera is no longer something to brag about - it's become saturated and yesterday's news.
When I run around with my film camera no one tells me how great their digital camera is anymore. Either we go on about our business with a nod, or they actually ask me about the camera, with genuine interest. If someone pulls out a flip-phone, though, it can get ugly.

As for people with Pro rigs (film or digital), I'd rarely bumped into the egos. Usually they are too focused on setting up a shot to really notice small cameras, tourists, or natural disasters unrelated to their subject. I find an higher percentage of egos among car enthusiasts.

We did call my brother's wedding photographer the "camera nazi," but it wasn't ego so much as being a control freak, and not in the least bit personable.