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Thank you for the kind works, John and AJ. =)

After 5 years shooting 8x10 I've settled into making 4x5 and 2.25x2.25 / 2.25 2.75 inch contact prints exclusively.
For me they have a delicate, jewel like quality about them which naturally draws the viewer in to examine the work more closely. And being contact prints that's exactly what I want.

I only use a ground glass for viewing my MF work and obviously the 4x5. I like being able to see the image projected on the glass, with both eyes, at the size it will be viewed as a print. What will work at that size becomes easy to determine when you think of it in those terms. And of course let's not forget that no small number of the original "f64 style landscapes" WERE 4x5 contact prints...

As far as presentation, I like to mat my 4x5s on 13x15 inch board to seperate them from the wall and I believe it also lends a sense of formality. I mount my 2.25s (be they square, horizontal or vertical) on 10x12 inch vertical boards and weight the bottom. At my home I use photo-shelves instead of hangers so people can easily pick of the framed (or unframed) prints for a closer look.
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